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Love your life, but if you can't... [18 Apr 2010|12:25am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Sad news today.
I good friend of mine lost her only brother to suicide yesterday.
Life can be tough, it can seem pretty impossible. You don't want to look weak, you don't want to be a burden, but you don't want to deal with anything anymore. That's when you ask for help. YOU CAN ALWAYS ASK ME FOR HELP. Never at any point of time in my life, will it ever be a burden to help keep you in this world, no matter who you are. There is help, there is hope. If you don't see how you can love any part of your life anymore, let someone else show you the love in theirs, and help you find the love in yours. It's there. I guarantee it. The more shit you've been through, the stronger you are wether you realise it or not, and wether you want to be or not. We would much rather have you here to make more memories, not as someone with only memories from before.
There IS hope.

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Ups, not downs [15 Feb 2010|07:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

A year and a half since my last post, nothing negative, ever again. Life is good, gonna love it!
Especially since I'm having a baby in 6 months... yusss!!!

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Renfrew [11 Oct 2006|01:09pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Well, we made the move and we're settled in... well, kinda. We have no telephone and won't be getting a landline for months. We have to make do with cell phones until then. BUT WE HAVE THE INTERNET!!! HAha, one month without it was more than enough! Also, no freezer as of yet and we're still waiting on the new fridge.


Thanksgiving weekend was spent back down on the Bruce. Good times good times.

And that's about all I feel like typing for now.

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Moved! [26 Sep 2006|02:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]


Well, we've moved to Renfrew!

I've got no job yet, and still haven't really met anyone. 3 weeks of haning out with my cat in teh apartment, I'm going crazy!!! At least now we've got two cats, hehe! GOt a new kitten yesturday. She's black and white, we named her Batman.

That's about it.


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Goodbye old house! [20 Jul 2006|08:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

We're moving!

Brad got his job in the Ottawa Valley, and we're pickin' up and moving in about a month and a half! Renfrew Ithink we're gonna end up in. I CAN'T WAIT! :oD

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[12 Jun 2006|01:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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NEW TATTOO!!! [23 Apr 2006|05:10pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


Check'er out!

I FINALLY decided to go on in and get'er done! I sat for about 5 hours for my lil bluebird of happiness sittin' an an apple blossom branch. I love her! It hurts though, kinda alot. But I did it all in one sitting, woot woot! My mom got a new one too, a dragonfly on the back of her neck, looks pretty cool.

I'm happy!!!

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Happy go happy! [17 Apr 2006|11:04pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I think I realised something a few minutes ago...

I'm happy with my life. I mean, I've always been happy with parts of it, and unhappy with others. Nothing about that is different right now, except that I think for once I have finally realised that I'm TOO happy with my life to let the unhappy parts bring me down. I'm still bored and lonely in this damn town with no friends in it... but screw that. There's too many things to appreciate about life. I have so many wicked memories to keep me going until I get to a point where I can start making more. In the past I usually feel like I'm missing out on stuff by living in this hell of a town... but really I'm gaining so much appreciation for the few but amazing friends I do have, for the relationship I have with my family, obviously for the love of my life, and again, for just plain being alive in a world that still has some potential. So plain and simple, screw the bad, I like the glad. I'm a cheeseball yessir, and proud of it. :oD

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Musica! [11 Apr 2006|09:36pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!
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BIRFDAY!!! [06 Apr 2006|10:01am]
[ mood | silly ]

I'm frickin' 25 today!!!

Headin' to London for some Dawghouse tonight... come on out!

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Boogityboogers! [29 Mar 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I got tickets to the jam of all pearls... PEARL JAM!!! Woot woot! I can't wait! They've been on my list of Top 5 bands to see before I die since forever long ago! And now I get to see'em! YAY!!!

Also... gonna change my userpic to my latest sketch... feedback if ya like!

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LA LA LA LA LA!!! [01 Mar 2006|02:17pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hum hum ho.

I'm bored.

Someone come to Wiarton and lets do something fun!

It's so frickin' cold out today. At least the sun is out and there really isn't much of a wind... but standing outside for 3 hours a day sucks in the winter.

There really isn't much new to say here.

South Korea was a blast... such a different place to be! Lots of fun food to eat and crazy things to do, weird stuff to drink and so many fun things to buy! I bought THE CUTEST SHOES EVER!!! I'll have to get a pic and post them on here as my user name or something so all you gals that like shoes can see them. :) They're tiny lil running shoes with bright little flowers on them, kinda retro-style dealies but with funky turquoise leather stripes on the sides at the back and little turquoise laces to match. Too cute!


That's about it. I guess I'll go get my snowgear on and go stand at my corner soon... kiddies will be leaving school.

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Finding my Seoul... ;o) [30 Jan 2006|02:23am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Hey hey!

I'm in Seoul, South Korea! Woot woot!

We're staying at this wicked hotel called Hotel Isabel right now... the most amazing place ever! It's gorgeous marble floors, really glamourous design to the room, and it has 3 tvs, one of which is a giant projection screen and another which is right above the jacuzzi in the bathroom! And on top of having a jacuzzi in every room, the shower has 8 shower heads! And it's one of those high-tech toilets that heats your bum, washed it, has pretty coloured lights, playes music and all sorts of wonderfully unessesary things! It's so fun here! AND each room has a computer with internet! Best part: it's only $60 a night! So fun being here so far, there are so many weird and bizarre things to point and giggle at, teehee! Well, I'm off. Hope all is well back home in Canada! Off to eat something not super spicy... (good luck eh?)

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Okie! [21 Jan 2006|09:28pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

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So today at work was absolutly exhausting!!! First off whoever did hte over-night shift before me left the alarm clock set to 6:15 AM!!! I didn't have to get up until 7:45 to hand out meds so that just sucked, couldn't sleep afterwards. Then it was just a bad day for one of the clients, she had 13 SEIZURES today!!! So dealing with that took up lots of my time and attention, on top of one of the other clients seemed to have boundless amounts of energy, while the other client was sick... with symptoms similar to something that landed her in the ER only a few months ago... so it's been a long day. I'm gonna go have myself a detox bath, smoke a bowl or two, and sleep.
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5 days until I fly away! [20 Jan 2006|10:12am]
[ mood | hyper ]

That's right! 5 days until I take off to South Korea! Woot woot! I'm gettin' pretty excited for this trip! So far Dani has planned a trip to the DMZ for us and some of the teachers at her school... that's the DeMiliterized Zone for those of you that weren't quite sure. The Border between North and South Korea, also known as one of the most dangerous borders in the world! Should be pretty enlightening. Possibly a Korean BathHouse will be on the to-do list as well... however I don't think I'm prepared to get fully naked in front of dozens of tiny skinny beautiful Korean women with my big north american sized body. Those women are tiny, I'd look like a cow, haha! And most defiantly... we'll be celebrating world candlemas day, or better known nowadays as GROUNDHOG DAY!!! Yeehaw! Definatly a gal from Wiarton eh? Haha! I've bought us our Willie noses, some Wiarton Willie pins and buttons, as well as we're gonna paint up a couple tees that either say "Early spring" or "6 more weeks"! Haha! There's a couple others from Wiarton area over there as well, so I brought enough noses and gadgets for all! Man, I can't wait! The biggest downfall of this trip however is I'm gonna miss the hell outta my Bradley! I miss him enough just being Wiarton's distance away... what's it gonna be like being on another contenant? Ah well, so long as he keeps up with some emails while I'm away, all will be ok. ;o)

5 more days. YAY!!!

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Getting ready to say g'bye to Judie-bird. [17 Jan 2006|09:04am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

But on a super sad note... my little Jude is dying. :'( She was perched on her food dish on Friday and it fell off with her too... and she's started limping and having trouble balancing... I thought it was because she fell, but since the limp has lasted for days and seems to be getting worse I checked her out further. She's got a lump on her neck, and cockatiels are prone to fatal tumors. My little girl is crippling up fast. Her legs seem to distend outwards as if in some kind of spasm, but she can still grip like the dickens if she needs to. But she doens't appear to be in pain yet, and she's chipper as ever and still eating tons, so I'll be here for my best feathered friend and hope she doesn't have to suffer long when the time comes for that. *sigh* She's 12 years old now, which is old enough for a bird like her, but I'm not ready for her to go yet.
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Christmas Eve 2005... BEST EVER!!! [26 Dec 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So my Christmas Eve was the best ever ever ever! Brad got down on one knee for it, haha! I'M FREAKIN' ENGAGED! Ha! I LOVE IT! I'ma gonna be a Mrs. Millman, haha!

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ANOTHER new job! [21 Dec 2005|09:06am]
[ mood | cold ]

Haha, so I got another new job! Meet your newest town Crossing Guard, hehehe! I even get my own mini stop-sign!!! I get up in the mornings, add another set of pj's to what I'm wearing, make a hot chocolate, bundle up tight, and go to work 2 blocks from my house! And it pays $16 something an hour! Not too shabby! It's so easy too, I bring my discman and my hot chocolate, and I can even bring a chair! I probably only cross about 20 kids too, so it really isn't hard work. Hehe!

So now I'm:
1) Support Worker in a Supported Independant Living home
2) Artist
3) Doggie Treat Baker
4) Crossing Guard

Haha! At least I'm not so bored lately.

Anyway, gonna go knit up another scarf while I'm waiting for my next shift on the corner, haha!

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Moooosico! [09 Dec 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Funny because even though I'm not a big fan of the new Weezer stuff, I find this song kinda catchy... even burned it onto a couple of cd's. I never listen to radio anymore, or watch MTV or Much Music... so for me it's not an overplayed annoying song. :oP

Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

Man, what a long day at work... what a long week at work! I picked up close to 24 extra hours of work this past week, and I'm beat from it all! Time for a pretty green bowl then bed!
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Gonna get some SEOUL [06 Dec 2005|12:09am]
[ mood | high ]

I got my ticket for South Korea in the mail today, woohoo!!! Two weeks of nothing Wiarton! I can't wait!

Also, gonna spend Christmas with Brad in London, just the two of us this year. His family comes up north here every year, but this year he's gotta work and make snow, so I'm gonna go make sure he doesn't spend another year alone. :o)

Finished up most of my Christmas shoppin' today too... hooray!

Off to bed... gonna smoke a bowl then sleep. Artists' Co-op in the morning and Gwen and Wanda quit YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, not to be mean... but it's hard workin' with them when they take over everything and let nobody have a say and they don't stick to their word and they are constantly letting people down... doesn't reflect well on the positive members of the co-op... I think they forgot the meaning of that word. Ah well.

OH! And TGIF's Clothing store in Wiarton will be selling my hats and scarves now too, teehee! Mo' money!

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